Overview — Pyxo Tokenomics


  • Issuance of NFTs to fund containers and Pyxo’s activity in new restaurants. Rights on governance and financial flows are attached
  • Creation of a DAO and its treasury which is financed by the revenues generated by Pyxo’s activity
  • Each NFT represents a % of the treasury and feeds an individual and a collective treasury. The collective treasury is split amongst the investors regardless of the number of NFT owned
  • NFT holders have the opportunity to claim their rewards by burning their NFT. Otherwise, they can reinvest their revenues or sell their NFT on the secondary market with the rewards associated
  • Pyxo’s DAO earns income from the NFT secondary market, the exit of funds (people leaving the DAO) and the issuance of NFTs, thereby creating an investment pool governed by NFT holders
  • This model allows Pyxo to issue new collections of NFTs as funding requirements arise. Thus, providing new investment opportunities while maintaining a stable and viable model, even with a larger offering.



(1) The investor finances part of Pyxo’s business

  1. Governance rights within the DAO, proposals and votes can be made within the DAO
  2. Ownership rights to the treasury (consisting of collective rewards)
  3. Right to receive cash flow and ownership of individual rewards

(2) Pyxo buys reusable containers which will be distributed to their clients

(3–4) Customers pay the negotiated amount of $ per cycle per container to Pyxo

(5) The DAO

  • Keep their share within the treasury
  • Sell their NFT on the secondary market, the shared incentive attached logically acting as a floor price. The DAO recovers royalties from the sale on the secondary market
  • Burn the NFT to receive the associated share (individual and collective), implying an exit fee of x% determined and taken by the DAO, which feeds the collective part, allowing new investments

Revenue mechanisms

  • Individual rewards: x% (90% for example) of the revenues generated by the containers will be directly attributed to the different NFT holders. They can decide what they do with their individual shares.
  • Collective rewards: y% (10% for example) of the income generated will be paid into a common pocket of the treasury. Each NFT, regardless of its size, will have 1 share in this pocket. The DAO, i.e. the NFT holders, will vote to decide the fate of the latter (claim, reinvest, loan…).
  • NFT with remaining containers: contribute to and benefit from this common pocket of the treasury
  • NFTs without remaining containers: benefit from this perpetual reward


  • Financing and tokenizing collecting points used in the restaurants
  • Ranking system, leaderboards and rewards for users and restaurants
  • Betting system based on these leaderboards
  • Yield boost if conditions are met, such as owning specific NFTs
  • Your ideas? Post them directly on Discord

What do you think of the proposed model?

Come and discuss it with us on Discord!



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