Help us to win Catalyst Fund7!

Cardashift is currently competing in Catalyst Fund7 under the campaign ‘Accelerator & mentors’. Our project is named ‘Boost your impact projects’ and you can check it here:

We will need the help of the Cardano Community to win! We truly hope that our community can contribute by voting for our project, that’s why we have made a small tutorial for you to become a voter and to support us.

Please note that registration must be completed before snapshot date: 06/Jan/2022, 11:00 UTC

Prerequisites for registration

  • Use a compatible wallet: Catalyst handles Daedalus, Yoroi, and Adalite.
  • Hold 500 + 3 ADA minimum on your wallet (we advise you to have 3 additional ADA for registrations fees and please note that this amount should be held excluding rewards)
  • Have downloaded ‘Catalyst Voting’ from Google Play or IOS store.

Registration steps (before January 6, 2022)

For Yoroi users, first of all, you need to delegate your 500+3 ADA on a stakepool. You can go to the last tab on top and delegate them to the stakepool you prefer! Note that Smart chain, one of the 3 core companies of Cardashift, is operating a stakepool named Smart-Node. You can delegate your ADA to it, we’ll take care of them 😇

For Daedalus and AdaLite users, you just have to hold at least 500 ADA (+ a few more for transaction fees), the transaction for delegation will happen later in the process

Then, for everyone, navigate to the Catalyst voting registration page of your wallet. On computers :

  • Daedalus: from the menu on the left-hand side “Project Catalyst”
  • Yoroi: the 5th tab on top “Vote”
  • Adalite: the 5th tab on top “Voting”

You just have to click on “Register” and follow the steps provided to get 2 main things that have to be saved:

  • A PIN code (given or to be defined depending on the wallet, to be remembered)
  • A QR code (screen it or save it as a pdf, you will have to scan it with your phone)

Finally, once you have your QR code and your PIN, you can go on your mobile application, click on “Register Now”, scan your QR code, enter your PIN and wait until the voting begins!

Vote for us (starting January 20, 2022)

On your mobile application, you will have access to all the different proposals and you will be able to place your vote (Yes or No) on as many of them as you want (You can vote for a single proposal, for several proposals, or for all proposals, it is up to you).

Go support us by selecting our proposal ‘Boost Impact Projects’ and place your vote on it!

Don’t forget that your votes have not been submitted until they are cast! Go to ‘My Votes’ to submit them (Note that you will have to enter your PIN).

If you get to this point, thank you very much, the whole Cardashift team will be very grateful.

You can send a screen capture in the discord (link here) in the channel #catalyst to let us know that you voted for us!!

Join our Discord and Telegram to be the first to know our news.🔥

You can also follow us on Twitter and learn more about us on our Website.⚡️

Written by Anaïs Bouchet — Impact Projects Manager and Medium Enthusiast



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