Give your positive impact the value it deserves

A next chapter for Cardashift…

  • Funding: the crypto community represents a new source of funding. As explained in our Whitepaper, the lack of funding is one of the major weaknesses of the impact ecosystem. It is also an access to a new type of investor: the citizen-investor who is also a consumer-investor
  • Valuing & Monetizing: blockchain, and primarily the token (fungible or non-fungible), represents a huge tech opportunity. Digital assets offer a unique way to aggregate financial but also extra-financial data. It can be a game changer for one of the main challenges of our time: the valuation of the positive impact creation
  • Empowering: This ecosystem is mainly focused on the community. Project leaders are able to federate communities around their vision regardless of their geographical areas. Facing environmental and social crises, empowering communities to choose and act will be a key to the solution
These screens are a product proposal, and may evolve before the first release.

1/ Funding — Reinforcing the launchpad with new ways of funding impactful projects

Funding needs confirmed

The NFT Marketplace as a new fundraising platform

2/ Valuing & Monetizing — Giving tools to companies to value their impact

First exploration with Catalyst Natives

A solution targeting organizations first

For the most engaged companies, there is a clear need of ‘valuing the unvalued’.

Among big corporations, certain business units and/or employees suffer from a lack of recognition of their positive impact on the company and, more broadly, on society

Potential use cases

Valuation in-house, Monetization outside

  • value internally the work of engaged employees and/or business units offering them tangible and valuable trophies for their achievements
  • monetize the company’s positive impact to their customers, consumers and investors by isolating this extra-financial value creation in the NFT

3/ Empowering — Launching a community-led exploration for watching impact ambition of big corporations

Creating a citizen movement for impact

‘Speculation for good’

A community-run product

What do you think of this new product? Which aspect strikes you the most?

Come and discuss it with us on Discord!



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