Get ready to have the power: Understand our registration process!

  • A voting period

Get ready to Register!

To get involved in the voting process, you must install your navigator with a compatible wallet. Below is a list of wallets supported by our Launchpad.

How to Register?

Once the projects are available on the Cardashift Launchpad, users will have three weeks to declare their willingness to be part of the voting process. It will be a simple procedure to select the wallet and identify all the voters.

Register, Hold, and Earn

We are offering 10 free voting tickets that will be airdropped for each user that registered during the registration process.

The sooner you register, the more rewards you get

As soon as voters register, we will take snapshots of their wallet balance every day until the end of the voting period. The average amount of CLAP held on your wallet between your registration and the beginning of the voting phase will define a reference CLAP value.

A reminder

Our investment focuses on early-stage startups that could drastically benefit from our support and mentoring. To this end, we develop a robust pre-selection process to determine and identify high-potential impact projects to propose to the community.



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