First project cohort recruited!

  • an investors-citizens movement, providing a stronger human feel in the investment industry 👥
  • an open platform to bring together all the goodwill from traditional actors or individual newcomers around impact generation 🤝

A dedicated community

  1. By suggesting your own project,
  2. by referring to high-potential initiatives you knew or heard of,
  3. by giving us insights or ideas on the way to screen projects,

An emerging impact-oriented ecosystem

  • Business Angels and VC funds that want to create a complete value chain with us on impact investing 🏦
  • Experts and accelerators that can bring their skill sets to help us work on projects’ value propositions 📈
  • Public institutions and associations that understand the contribution of Cardashift to the public interest 🎓

Above all: such ambitious projects aligned with our vision

  • Our dedicated and supportive community
  • Local partners

We are so proud of these projects that we can’t wait to unveil them to you! Stay tuned!



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