Cardashift’s White Paper is here!

Come and discover one of the most impactful projects to be launched on Cardano 🎉

We are excited to share with you the fruits of our labour these past few months. We have been tirelessly working behind the scenes in figuring out how blockchain technologies can help address social and environmental challenges.

Here it is, the first version of the Cardashift’s White Paper.

This document is an introduction to the upcoming ecosystem of products we are designing to offer investment solutions that meet the expectations of the Cardano community.

You can now understand the vision and strategy behind our project and the potential value behind the CLAP token.

“It is a real pleasure to share with the community a project, close to our hearts, that definitively makes sense”

Vincent Katchavenda, Cardashift’s Chief Community Officer

We make the choice to offer a detailed white paper to be as transparent as possible on our approach. This information share is a first step to build with you an impact-driven decentralized system.

In the coming weeks, the key parts of this document will be explicitly discussed in the form of Medium articles. Stay tuned! ✨

Check it right now here and deep dive into the contents

Join us and let’s debug the world together!

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