Cardashift Updates — March 12

Greetings Cardashifters,

Five weeks have passed since our successful ICO, and the launch of our first cohort of impactful projects is now closer than ever. Our activity on socials was not as intense as it was during the ICO, but rest assured that we will come back really soon. Awesome projects as well as some early building blocks of our vision for 2022 and onwards are imminent!

Find below a quick overview of our latest news and the next steps we mentioned during our March 10th’ AMA.



Cardashift and Metadams announced a partnership for sharing technical knowledge and strengthening the Cardano ecosystem cohesion. Metadams team has a recognized expertise in NFTs covering the full spectrum of a NFT collection launch on Cardano, from design and technological aspects to the communication.

Cardashift and SustainableADA announced a partnership for collaborating on technical research and Project Catalyst proposals. SustainableADA provides the Stepping Stones to a Sustainable & Equitable World For All. With education at their core, they share insights into impactful projects in the Cardano 4 Good space, and build bridges within the Cardano ecosystem, and to a global movement of positive change.

👀 Lastly, we are also working on really cool stuff with (big) actors within the Cardano & ProjectCatalyst Ecosystem, stay tuned!

CLAP token

CLAP is getting exposure lately with several listings and incentives programs undergoing. A good sign that shows we are on the right track before releasing the first project batch next month on Cardashift’s Launchpad.

1️⃣ CLAP has been listed on AstroSwap (Velas Blockchain) and you can now easily move your CLAP between Cardano and Velas using

2️⃣ We made the FIRST proposal on SundaeSwap Governance Forum! With around 600 votes, our proposal “Add liquidity incentive on the ADA/CLAP pool” got accepted. Two weeks from now, liquidity providers will be rewarded in CLAP. 71,000 CLAP / day will be distributed during 20 weeks.

3️⃣ CLAP has been listed on MinSwap, one of the fastest growing DeX within the Cardano Ecosystem. More than just a simple listing, CLAP will be part of their Yield Farming Program starting March 14th. Liquidity providers in the ADA/CLAP pool will be rewarded in MIN (MinSwap’s token). 60,000 MIN / day will be distributed during 1 month..


Batch #1 Project Sourcing

We’ve already received dozens of applications. Some of them directly from the community, others by recommendation of the members: Thanks a lot for your involvement!

As of today, we are in advanced talks with several projects, notably in microcredit (with potentially a big actor), new mobilities and decarbonation. We should be able to introduce you to the first project leaders early April.

We will close Batch 1 application end of March to meet our roadmap objectives. If you are a project owner or if you know a potentially interested founder, please make sure to fill the form as soon as possible, preferably next week.

Here is the application form article.

🤝 We received a lot of solicitation by community members willing to offer their skills and expertise to help us source, screen and support projects. We thank you for these spontaneous proposals and wanted to let you know that we are working on finding a smooth way to involve you in the whole sourcing to acceleration process. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on the Discord channel #ready-to-help-cardashift or by email

Entrepreneur Journey

Our project acceleration team is currently fine-tuning the whole entrepreneur journey from a project selection to its funding and its acceleration.

Business design, impact design, tokenization frameworks … We have a lot on our plate at the moment and we learn everyday by meeting new projects. A detailed approach towards Batch 1 Pre-Funding/Post-Funding support will be disclosed in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, you can find our overall approach in our whitepaper (p21).

Launchpad Development

Cardashift’s Launchpad release will follow Batch 1 progress. A first sneak peek will be available before we close the applications. Afterwards, the releases will keep pace with Batch 1 status: 1/ Projects showcasing, 2/ Voting phase, 3/ Funding phase.

Shift Builder

Besides our main focus on building the first cohort, we are exploring other development areas for Cardashift’ future . One of the lines, as we call it, is the “Shift Builder”. We released an article a few weeks ago to introduce our vision about it.

Our core purpose is to generate a maximum of positive impact. To do so, we are firm believers that improving existing systems won’t be enough. Therefore, we believe in creating whole new ecosystems from the ground, up to deliver impact at the scale of an entire industry.

We will come back to you shortly with concrete next steps on this topic but feel free to reach out to us if this first article particularly resonates with you.

Follow us on Discord & Twitter and learn more about us on our Website.⚡️



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An ecosystem of #DeFi products and professional services to enable social & green transitions —