Cardashift — the launchpad to foster sustainable development

Environmental and social stakes are increasingly prevalent, and the world does not have a surplus of time to spend. Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030 requires $5 to $7 trillion annually (Source: Stanford Social Review).

Impact projects leaders across the world are building the stepping stones for a more sustainable world.

Will it be enough?

Are these key stakeholders in the right predispositions to meet the ever more demanding challenges our world is facing?

Let’s just face the harsh reality… NO!

These change makers are lacking both funding and appropriate support to increase their success rate. There is little useful data to assess financial viability of impact initiatives. Evaluating project return on social investment lacks an analytical framework to generate tangible evidence for subsequent investments.

Is there a way out?

Can we expect that tomorrow’s impact ventures will be one of the most financially viable investments?

How can we de-risk, fund and accelerate these ventures?

Blockchain technology and its economic models aptly enables us to meet these challenges in two integral ways. The first being an ability to generate funding in an unprecedented manner and provide support instruments to entrepreneurs. Second, by leveraging the benefits of community collaboration and the decentralized power of many.

Real world tokenization is no fantasy: it may have a huge positive influence on how impact project leaders can tackle the challenges they want to address. However, newcomers entering the blockchain ecosystem in 2021 still need to deeply understand the technology and its entanglements.

Here comes Cardashift — an ecosystem of products and services designed to foster sustainable development based on Cardano blockchain technology.

Led by 3 complementary companies with deep expertise in blockchain, product design & acceleration programs, Cardashift launches its utility token: CLAPs.

CLAP token will be used to ensure the sustainability of the whole ecosystem and especially Cardashift Launchpad at first.

We want to enable every entrepreneurial project with a high environmental and social impact to be supported, financed and accelerated.

To play our part in the biggest challenge that humanity faces, we chose to focus our efforts on priority themes issued from human vital needs.

Join Cardashift on Discord and be one of the pioneers.
Let’s debug the world together !

Adrien Hubert, Eric Raffin, Frédéric Arnoux, Konstantin Grouzdev,
Jean-Christophe Bohin, Tangui Friant and Vincent Katchavenda
Co-founders of Cardashift



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