Batch Genesis Final Results on Jun 16. What’s next exactly?

What are the next steps? When and where will the results be announced? Here are the answers to the most common questions.

Question 1 — The Voting Phase is over. What’s next?

Aquaverse, Carboneo, Pyxo and Revolte have been elected by the community. Cardashift is delighted to see that 4 out of 10 have generated so much engagement from the community! Congratulations to the Cardashift community!

We are now studying the 4 projects, in order to select 2 projects that will be able to raise funds and be accelerated by Cardashift. This process is called the Tallying Phase.

Question 2 — What is the Tallying Phase exactly?

The Cardashift team is studying for each project the relevance of raising funds in the short term on the following criteria:

👉comparing their business and product maturity

👉considering their #community support 🙌

👉discussing with project leaders 💬

👉comparing their time to #impact 🌍

👉studying the potential of #blockchain uses cases for their business model 🧱

Question 3 — When will the results be announced?

Cardashift and the Cardano Foundation will unveil major announcements during a keynote at the Vivatech event in Paris on Thursday, Jun 16 at 1pm CEST.

During this event, the results of Batch Genesis will also be announced. A livestream will be available on the Cardashift Youtube channel:

We look forward to seeing you at this event! A replay of the event will also be available.

Don’t miss this event. Here’s the Google Calendar invitation.

Question 4 — Why is Cardashift refining the selection to 2 projects only?

In order to keep a best-in-class support for the selected projects, Cardashift had to restrict, for this first batch, the number of selected projects to 2 projects only.

After less than a year of existence, this limitation is due to the current size of Cardashift’s technical and human resources. As our community is growing, rest assured that our capacity will grow as well. More and more projects will be funded and accelerated by Cardashift but also external 3rd party service providers in the future.

The other reason explaining the selection of 2 projects only is related to the maturity of the projects. We want to ensure the coherence between their product roadmap and fundraising in the coming months. The main objective is always to allocate the right resources (financial and business) at the right time to help projects develop while minimizing risks and enabling sustainable growth.

Question 5 — What about the 2 other projects elected by the community?

The 2 other projects will continue to benefit from our support, because we still deeply believe in their potential (so is the community). The reason why they are not selected is because we believe those projects need more time to become more mature, enhance their R&D and clarify their business roadmap.

To help them achieve these goals, monthly coaching sessions will be held. They will also get the possibility to be re-evaluated by Cardashift in a few months, in order to decide whether or not they are ready to raise funds and be accelerated by Cardashift.

Question 6 — What is the pre-funding support offered by Cardashift for selected projects?

Selected projects will be offered a pre-funding support for 2 months by our core team. The main objective is to prepare them for the upcoming fundraising.

First, we will assess the need for support pre and post-funding (IDO) and determine the mandatory/optional support bricks according to the needs, progress and maturity of the project.

Second, we will deep-dive with the team into the different elements:

👉Validate the business opportunity

👉Coach project leaders on their governance and organization challenges

👉Design to impact

👉Define token utility and potential blockchain use cases

👉Challenge their investor’s key documents (whitepaper, business plan,…)

👉Design and engage their community

Question 7 — When will the IDOs occur?

As soon as the tallying phase ends, the 2 selected projects will benefit from our pre-funding support.

The Cardashift core-team will deep-dive into project needs. Depending on these lasts, we will determine adequate dates to perform the IDOs.

Cardashift will announce the schedule of each IDO on a timely manner. Sign up to our mailing-list on to stay updated.

Question 8 — What will happen to projects not elected by the community?

Each project of the Batch Genesis is a Cardashift Alumni!

Even though they will not be supported in the short term, these projects remain an integral part of our growing community. They will benefit from the synergies and perks of our ecosystem.

Question 9 — How can I check my whitelist allocations?

Whitelist allocations will be available on the launchpad starting from June 16 at 4pm CEST.

Question 10 — I didn’t vote for 2 selected projects. Can I get a whitelist for the IDOs?

Yes! A lottery for each selected project will be offered to all participants of the voting phase. Lucky participants will be offered a whitelist for the IDO of the given project.

Question 11 — How will the lottery work?

No action is required on your side: Every voting ticket used for a project (even for a non-elected project) is a lottery ticket!

The only difference between a ticket used for a selected project vs a ticket used for a non-selected project is that tickets for selected projects are doubled up.

Your lottery eligibility will be available on the launchpad starting from June 16 at 4pm CEST.

Question 12 — When will the lottery occur?

The lottery will occur during the IDO phase of each project.

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Question 13 — When will I receive my rewards?

The rewards will be distributed within the next 3 weeks. Further announcements with full details very soon.



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